Welsh Championship Final 2018

The Welsh Snooker Singles Championship was won by Jackson Page beating Ian Sargeant 8 frames to 1 in the best of 15 frames final.

Several players appear to have won the title at 17 but we believe that at 16 years of age Jackson is the youngest player ever to be Welsh Champion, this is now another new record he has added to his growing list of achievements.

The final was played at Taffs Well Ex Servicemans Club over 2 sessions yesterday Saturday 7th July at 2pm & 6pm. This was the 1st time the final had been played in the Cardiff area. Match officials were Peter Thomas (Referee) and Deryck Brown (Marker).

The 1st frame saw Jackson's intent as he opened with a well constructed 53 break, after a brief exchange of shots and odd balls potted by Jackson Ian replied with a 23 before missing a cut back red which ended in the jaws of one of the black pockets. Jackson scored another 8 points and snookered Ian on the last read. Ian conceeded with the score at 68 - 23 .

The 2nd frame Ian potted a great long red off Jacksons break, Ian's long potting of reds was to be one of the highlights of the match and showed that he was there to try and win the title, this red resulted in him making a 28 break before missing a red into a black pocket. Another long red resulted in Ian snookering Jackson behind the green. Jackson played a good escape not leaving an opening for Ian and after a brief exchange of safety Ian missed a rare long red and Jackson potted a pressure red to start a frame winning break of 67. Score 67 – 29

3rd frame was the fastest of the day at 5 mins 50 seconds. Jackson got in 1st again with a 32, he then snookered Ian behind the black. From the subsequent red that Ian left in escaping from this snooker Jackson made another 54 break. Frame score at 86 – 0 

4th frame Ian again launched in a signature long red but missed a difficult long blue . Jackson potted a tricky red into the green pocket, he took 22 and left Ian virtually on the baulk cushion. Ian missed a pot into a black pocket and Jackson made another solid break of 54. Frame score 76 – 1

The 1st 4 frames had taken 48 minutes. There was then a 15 minute interval.

5th frame. The interval occasionally changes a match and it looked as though things were about to change with this match as both players missed a few pots and Ian eventually won a scrappy frame to at last get a frame won point on the scoreboard, Frame score 44 – 56

6th frame. Both players missed long reds at the start of the frame but Ian got in 1st making 16 before missing a red into the green pocket. Although hampered by the white being on the side cushion Jackson was next in and potted a virtually straight red into a black corner pocket and then made a 73, the highest break of the day. Ian conceeded with 2 reds left and Jackson was once more back into the consistent form that he had shown in the first 4 frames. Frame score 73 – 16

7th frame was the last of the afternoon session and proved to be another scrappy frame with Jackson edging it on the pink. Frame score 65 – 42

8th frame. The evening session started with Ian making a 31, Jackson immediately responded with a solid clearance to the pink of 68. Frame score 69 – 31

9th frame. Ian looked as though he was finally getting into gear as he potted yet another excellent opening long red but then missed a difficult long blue. This didn't put him off though as after the 2 players had exchanged long pots with little positional luck for a colour Ian compiled his highest break of the final, a nice 45 which gave him a 51 – 7 points lead.  Whilst on 45 after potting a red he had the choice of rolling up behind the green or going for the pot. He chose the latter option probably because 2 of the last 3 reds were on the side cushion and the yellow was on the baulk cushion. This was to be his undoing as with probably the best clearance of the final Jackson proceeded to pot all the balls. He had to play a cannon to knock one of the reds over the middle bag and also play 2 great positional shots, one to stroke a red up the cushion into the black bag and then get onto the yellow from the last black. This he did to loud applause from everyone present and this final clearance of 49 to win on the black gave him the 8th frame of the 9 played, this was the frame that he needed to become the 2018 Welsh Snooker Champion.

Congratulations Jackson Page on a fantastic achievement you are an exceptional player and you aren't 17 until next month.

Congratulations also to Ian Sargeant on reaching the final with some exceptional snooker and thank you for your good sportmanship throughout.

We wish you both good luck in your future endeavours.

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